IndieEthos podcast on Jolt, Episode 7 + preview for Episode 8 tomorrow

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Pardon the radio silence, but I’ve just returned from vacation and The Boaty Weekender, the music festival at sea curated by and featuring Belle and Sebastian. I’ll be honest, it’s been hard to linger on the past that was one of the most incredible musical long-weekends at sea. I’ll say something about that experience in my next podcast, which will feature a mix of favorite songs representing the bands who played on board (tomorrow on Jolt Radio at 9 p.m. EST).

Today, you will find a link to my last episode featuring film reviews of The Last Black Man in San Francisco (The Last Black Man in San Francisco subverts sentimentality) and Midsommar (A Midsommar beyond horror). The music mix is an array of new singles by indie artists like Jenny Hval and Moon Duo plus reissues by Explosions in the Sky and Snail Mail. You can hear it all via the link below.

Tomorrow, please tune in at at 9 p.m. Eastern time for a new batch of film reviews that I’m currently working on for releases coming out at the end of August. It will be capped off with a mix of the best songs I heard performed on The Boaty Weekender with some highlights of what it’s like to experience such a music cruise.

Hans Morgenstern

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