One of South Florida’s guitar greats remembered via “New Times”


We’re coping with the loss of one of the best guitarists the Miami-area local scene has ever been blessed to have. Dan Hosker passed away on Saturday while in hospice care (Read my friend Tony Landa’s post on how he ended up there). He was 46. I wrote a little tribute to him on the “Broward/Palm Beach New Times” blog. Read that by jumping through the “County Grind” blog logo below:

I had written about his band, the Holy Terrors a couple years ago (Haunted by the Holy Terrors). For me, they stole the night from Interpol during an after-show gig that featured Interpol’s drummer Sam Fogarino returning to his South Florida roots in the Terrors.

Though he was barely known outside of South Florida, Hosker brought something special to the music world. He had a genuine love of playing and exploring the sonic possibilities of guitar. He was an important part of the touring version of the legendary experimental noise band Harry Pussy with Bill Orcutt and Adris Hoyos in the mid-nineties while maintaining his devotion to the Terrors, an alt-punk band he formed with former New Englander Rob Elba. His last project involved him playing banjo in the country roots outfit Boise Bob and His Backyard Band. In between there were experimental outfits, post-rock and garage bands.

The photo above comes from a still image of a cable access television show I used to host on local Miami music. He really humored me that night, but we were all nervous. Watch the whole awkward thing below, beginning with the Terrors performing “Turn” off their debut full-length album Lolitaville):

Dan Hosker, you and your guitar will be missed.

Hans Morgenstern

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  1. Hey Bud,

    Looking through links after hearing about Tom Smith. We lose the best ones so early….

    Nice memories about Dan. Hard to believe it’s 10 years already.

    Be well Hans!


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