Best indie films of 2019 on Jolt Radio podcast, episode 13

Image used with permission from Neon

Regular readers of this blog probably know what my top movie of 2019 is, so no use playing coy. Still, I tried using an obscure image of it for this article’s summary image. Like last year, this year, I used my show on Jolt Radio to reveal what my top 10 indie films of 2019 were, so you won’t find a list of images and text below. However, I did review most of them here, so I hope you search for their titles on this site to read more in-depth thoughts on them.

Below you will find the Mixcloud player for my final episode on Jolt Radio (alternately, you can get to it via this link). I spend much of the episode counting down my 10 favorite independent films of 2019. Then, however, there’s the question of why this is my last episode on Jolt. I’m actually saving my deeper writing for a post about that subject a bit later. For now, you can hear me freely speaking to why I have decided to take a self-imposed sabbatical from writing and criticism — outside of my full time job as a writer/editor — for the year of 2020.

Enjoy, as it’s the last you will actually hear from me publicly for a while. I want to thank Jolt Radio founder John Caignet for having me in his studio for just over a year. It was always fun working with him. Then a special thanks to Alex Caso for creating a theme song for the show. He has a show on Jolt. Finally, much gratitude to the Coral Gables Art Cinema for sponsoring much of its run. It costs money to air these shows, and their support was key to its continued existence.

Hans Morgenstern

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