IndieEthos podcast, Episode 10: Miami Film Festival GEMS recap; new indie music

Used with permission from Neon

Here is our latest podcast for Jolt Radio. In this month’s installment, we look back at the films that played at Miami Film Festival’s GEMS, an event we previewed in our last episode (IndieEthos podcast, Episode 9: Miami Film Festival GEMS preview; new indie music). Several of the films that played the festival are coming to theaters later this year. Now is your chance to hear if any of them might be worthy additions to your watch list. The films reviewed include Honey Boy, Parasite, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Swallow.

Following the film reviews, you get a mix of new indie music releases that also include a few nostalgic yet still lesser known songs that might be new discoveries for you. We have new music by Los Angeles indie band Wand, who toured with Stereolab on their recent West Coast tour. Speaking of, there’s some ‘lab here culled from their most recent re-issue. Finally of note is brand new music from Ursula 1000, who we have interviewed on this site. We also have excellent new tracks by both Wilco and Angel Olsen.

You can stream it all via this player:

Our next show is scheduled for Nov. 19 at 9 p.m. EST. See you in cyberspace, as they say at Jolt.

Hans Morgenstern

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