Independent Ethos Radio Hour – episode 1

Photo by John Caignet

It’s here, the first episode of The Independent Ethos Radio Hour on To sum it up, this was recorded just after I attended the fifth edition of Miami Dade College’s Miami Film Festival GEMS (Miami Film Festival GEMS presents movies to watch out for come Oscar time). It features my thoughts on the movies I saw in advance and during the festival. I squeeze in a few tidbits about movies now playing, as well. It’s a lot of film talk, and we’re still working on the flow of the show. One thing we learned is that it needs some clips from the movies discussed so expect that to spice up next month’s show.

There was plenty of time to share new music, which included some choice tracks by Justus Proffit and Jay Som, Mothers, Beach House and Amen Dunes. All but the first track were spun on vinyl. There were also retro tracks by David Bowie (his latest box set came out the week before) and Machete, a band from Miami currently playing some reunion shows in the area. Their next one is this Saturday, at Churchill’s Hideaway.

The brilliant thing about this broadcast, which was recorded live last week, is you don’t have to read my sometimes long reviews and hear the music for yourself. I can also upload the entire thing to mixcloud as a podcast. You can play it below.

Hans Morgenstern

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