Florida Film Critics Circle announces nominees for 2019 awards

Image used with permission from Netflix

This morning, the Florida Film Critics Circle, for which I am chairman, announced its nominees for achievement in cinema arts for 2019. The front runner, directed by a longtime favorite filmmaker on this site, is Marriage Story. With seven nominations, it will be a tough film to beat.

Still, I was personally pleased to see there was enough interest by critics to nominate a personal favorite movie, Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It has received nominations in five categories, as did another favorite, Ad Astra (Ad Astra: a space adventure that cracks open traditional masculinity). I was also pleased to see a regular on our site, Lulu Wang, achieve five nominations for The Farewell. I have yet to watch 1917, however. It also received five noms.

With that, this year is shaping up toward having an interesting finale. The full list of nominees can be found on the FFCC’s website, jump over to the organization’s website via this link. I will share the list of winners on Monday and reveal who I voted for, as I have done every year since I joined the organization back in 2012.

Hans Morgenstern

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