The Independent Ethos Radio Hour to debut on Jolt Radio this month


Beginning this month, I will be hosting highlights from this website and my freelance work as a film and music critic living in Miami on Jolt Radio. The Independent Ethos Radio Hour will feature highlights from reviews written on this site as well as interviews with filmmakers and/or musicians as conducted by this writer. Most importantly, there will be lots of indie music spun during the broadcast on actual vinyl and also other formats provided as advance listens by indie labels.

We are honored to have been invited to be part of the Jolt Radio team during a very interesting time of year in film. By the time our first show airs, I will have seen plenty of previews at Miami Film Festival’s GEMS (you can read some reviews here and in the Miami New Times already) and during critics-only screenings ahead of the beginning of awards season. This is a time for serious cinema, and we’ve long proven to have had a good handle on what matters come Oscar season. This site may very well have been the first to mention “Oscar” in the first paragraph of our review for Moonlight  (Moonlight heightens intimacy with exquisitely tempered cinematic technique — a film review).

Courtesy Polyvinyl Records

The radio show will also allow us to share music highlights from the month. Though we recently celebrated Sweat Records’ announcement of their record label, which will distribute vinyl releases (Sweat Records launches new Miami independent music label), music coverage has been slightly amiss on this site, which began as a celebration of the analog mediums of vinyl and 35mm. A radio show allows for a bit of a corrective, as I continue to discover new music all the time and can now simply program some of it for you. Our first highlight will be something off that pretty record above, “Nothing’s Changed,” a collaboration between Jay Som and Justus Proffit.

As we’ve seen vinyl prosper while fewer commercial movie venues bother to routinely show movies on film, you can expect special mentions of 35mm screenings in and around Miami for fans of that analog medium, as well. There’s a lot going on in Miami for film and music (who’s excited for Beach House at iiiPoints?), and our Jolt Radio show will allow us to tell you more about what’s happening in the area and beyond. Do tune for our first broadcast at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16. All you have to do is follow the link below at that time and date:

The Independent Ethos Radio Hour

Hans Morgenstern

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