Best movies of 2017 – first half

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We’re halfway through the year, and I’ve just reviewed 19 films this year — not counting festival recaps, like this and this. Looking ahead for what we will hold up as the best films of 2017 at the end of the year, here are 10 that are leading the pack. Will any still stand come December 31? Some have a chance. Examine them further by clicking through our reviews next to the titles.

  1. Scarred Hearts (Scarred Hearts or death in the time of nationalism)
  2. The Death of Louis XIV (The Death of Louis XIV presents patiently beautiful portrait of death)
  3. El Amparo (Read the capsule review in my Miami Film Festival recap)
  4. I Am Not Your Negro (I Am Not Your Negro is a steadfast look at importance of race relations in America)
  5. Personal Shopper (Personal Shopper of ghosts and identity)
  6. Raw (Raw presents slyly visceral warning about Puritanism)
  7. The Lost City of Z (The Lost City of Z presents duality of dreams via perilous adventure)
  8. Frantz (Frantz reveals power of storytelling in buoying life)
  9. After the Storm (After the Storm and growing up in the face of dreams)
  10. The Salesman (The Salesman tests morals limits of a good husband)

Hans Morgenstern

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