Film review in Film Comment: ‘The Lesson’ opens April 17 in Miami



“Film Comment” invited me to contribute a movie review not too long ago. They assigned me a small Bulgarian movie called The Lesson, directed by first-time feature filmmakers Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov, who both also wrote the script together. I’d like to think I know something about Eastern European film, being a fan of some of it. I’m honored that this publication trusted me to examine this movie.

It’s a raw, low-key picture featuring a tight drama at the center focusing on a school teacher (a nicely focused Margita Gosheva), who thinks she has something to teach her students. Then she learns about the difficulty of circumstances and how it might drive people to desperate measures for herself. I won’t spoil the review here. You can read it after jumping through the “Film Comment” logo below, click though it:

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I hope to write more for this publication that has taught me so much about film criticism. It’s tough being down at the end of the U.S., in Miami, as far as getting first-dibs on movies, but hopefully there will be other opportunities to explore some small, but interesting films from around the globe for this prestigious publication.

Hans Morgenstern

The Lesson runs 105 minutes, is in Bulgarian with English subtitles and is not rated (don’t expect anything too disturbing beyond questioning morals). It opens in our Miami area exclusively at the Tower Theater this Friday, April 17. Film Comment shared an on-line screener for the purpose of the review.

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