The brothers of Inc. talk music with me in 'Crossfade'/'Miami New Times'


inc_band_4adInc. will be visiting Miami this Saturday night. I spoke to the two brothers behind the music, guitarist and lead vocalist Andrew Aged and bassist/vocalist Daniel Aged, via phone last week, ahead of their debut live appearance in the almost opposite part of the U.S. where they are coming from.

In February, the Los Angeles-based duo saw its debut full-length album No World released by one of the most prestigious London-based labels of the alternative indie music scene: 4AD Records. The brothers formed Teen Inc. in 2010 and self-released a 7-inch record, “Fountains/Friends of the Night.” The following year, 4AD released the follow-up EP “3” and Inc. dropped the “Teen” from its name. “We kind of evolved,” explained Andrew.

I actually wrote two pieces in “Miami New Times.” The first piece appears in print today and, due to space in the printed pages, only touches on highlights of our conversation, including their relationship and influences:

Miami New Times logo

The real meat of my conversation with the duo comes as a Q&A for the publication’s music blog. It revealed how difficult it was at first to get them out of their shells (I take some responsibility for starting with such a personal question that taps into their baggage as siblings), but also how they look beyond the neo-soul/sophisti-pop comparisons and to shoegaze and grunge for inspiration:

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I’ll leave you with their great video for “Black Wings,” the song that sold me on these guys (I even love the noise that opens this video before the smooth guitar hook kicks in):

Hans Morgenstern

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