Robert Rodriguez wants you to fill in the blanks for his latest project: ‘Two Scoops’


Two Scoops poster artJust finished up a quick piece regarding one of the many projects keeping Robert Rodriguez busy. He’s putting his twin nieces’ acting chops to work again. They are to star in a short film called “Two Scoops,” but the real star is you! He is asking amateurs and unknowns to help him finish the film.

We last saw Electra Avellan and Elise Avellan in Planet Terror, providing some amazing comic relief. Now you can work with them. Rodriguez is participating in a crowdsourcing project via BlackBerry. The details of which I lay out in my latest piece for the “Miami New Times” art and culture blog “Cultist.” Jump through the blog’s logo below for the details and videos:

cultist banner

In a way, with it’s corporate sponsorship, it does feel a bit cheesy, but the film’s camp tone makes it all appropriate. Besides, the creative verve is there among the 100+ auditions already uploaded— be they diamonds in the rough— so there is room for further creative input to get Rodriguez’ attention. Any creative/filmmaking types out there? Give it a shot.

Hans Morgenstern

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