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When I heard “New York Times” media writer David Carr declare Twitter as something that was not going to go away anytime soon during the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times, I came close to signing this blog as an active Twitter user. I already had several accounts for work, business and private use. Just following a few interesting bands, writers, artists, publications, studios and record labels soon began to overwhelm with information. I could not stand it for more than a half hour at a time. However, Carr is right, Twitter is not going away.

Seeing as this blog has lead a few people to my Facebook account, where I often share more than my blog posts, why should some of the regular followers of Independent Ethos miss out? Follow me here:


I promise to keep “Tweets” relevant to the principles of this blog. I do not care for trivialities but in illuminating the aesthetic of independent artists in film and music. Do not expect to be overwhelmed by minute-to-minute Tweets. I might start with only a few a week, in fact. Still, there is so much to cover beyond the extensive articles I publish here, and I hate not having to share it all, but the restriction of 140 characters should promise for some interesting experiences, including previews to bigger articles on this blog and follow-ups to past articles. Of course there will be relevant re-Tweets as well by followers. You will also receive alerts to just-published articles.

In keeping with brevity, I encourage all my followers here on WordPress to follow me on Twitter.  Let’s do this…

Hans Morgenstern

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