Manu Chao to make Miami debut in Sept.


Just as I thought I was done hyping the shows coming to South Florida this September, I get an email from the the Rhythm Foundation (the same group hosting Bryan Ferry) announcing Manu Chao’s appearance that month (Sept. 9). Born and raised in Paris to Spanish parents, the world artist blends an array of styles (punk, Afro, Latin) for a sound all his own. The results are infectious and quite worth experiencing live:

But, it’s not all about spastic bouncing around. He has some nice atmospheric songs, too:

His website hasn’t noted any dates beyond Europe, but it certainly adds another interesting element to the major acts visiting South Florida very soon, and thankfully no overlapping shows… yet, which would make for a rare occurrence in this area of the US, but it did happen last year when Massive Attack and MGMT played the same date. All my adult friends went to see Massive Attack but I went with the kids to see MGMT.

Chao’s  show at Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park Klipsh Amphitheater marks the ex-Mano Negra frontman’s debut Miami appearance. Tickets go on sale this Friday (June 17) and are general admission. The email from the Rhythm Foundation noted that you can get the tickets through Ticketmaster outlets or local indie stores like Sweat Records (Miami), BASE (Miami Beach) and Radio Active Records (Fort Lauderdale).

Hans Morgenstern

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  1. Looks like it’s going to be a good one. I have to admit, I prefer the spastic jumping around to the atmospheric songs, but well, I suppose we all need to take a breath every now and then. So, considering there is something like 4,000 miles of ocean separating me from this show, and it’s a tad awkward to get home after the gig, anyone got a spare bed for the night?


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