Death Cab streaming their new song… it’s good


It has been hard for me to resist Death Cab For Cutie, as much as I sometimes want to. It’s all pretty poppy, but damn the band’s hooks can be addictive.

Though I wanted to resist, I cannot help but admit that the group’s just-posted new track off their upcoming albums Codes and Keys (support the Independent Ethos by pre-ordering it on Amazon) stuck in my head after one listen. “You Are a Tourist” has a lead guitar line coupled with an echoing, if unintelligible chorus by singer Ben Gibbard that is nothing if not irresistible.

If you head over to the band’s website, you will be redirected to featuring the YouTube stream of the song:

In about a week that site will feature the premiere of the song’s music video… as it is filmed live in one take. A first-time stunt. The band explains the details on their homepage:

“Make sure to put April 5th at 7pm EST/4pm PST on your calendar: Death Cab for Cutie will be filming a live, scripted, single-take music video for You Are A Tourist, broadcast as it is filmed on

Directed by filmmaker Tim Nackashi (TV On The Radio, OK Go, Elvis Costello, Radiohead), and conceptualized by frequent Death Cab for Cutie collaborator Aaron Stewart…”

Now the long wait for the album, which is not due out until May 31. But I would not wait to hear the album before getting a ticket to their upcoming tour. The band has already announced tour dates (see those here) and many dates are already sold out.

It sounds like Death Cab’s still got it, so good for those that got their tickets. They have not planned a show for my area of the States (South Florida), yet, though I have to say the last Death Cab concert I saw was quite unmemorable– four guys standing on stage at the Bank Atlantic Center, on the University of Miami campus, playing their instruments and barely moving. Well, with this one song they have convinced me to at least go for another one of their albums.

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