October is the coolest month … for live shows in So. Fla.


After what is shaping up to be a vapid several months for summer concerts in South Florida, the fall is continuing to grow as the coolest season to be here. So far, concerts in October alone include the Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend and now MGMT (thanks to Sweat Records for the tidbit of unofficial information). Starting off the whole new exciting season is Interpol with a date set for the end of summer at what is shaping up to be the busiest venue for these alt-rock bands: The Fillmore in Miami Beach.

The dates are as follows, and you can expect soon after these dates I will have exclusive videos posted on this blog from the performances, as always:

Aug. 21: Interpol – Fillmore in Miami Beach

Sept. 11: Crystal Castles – Grand Central in Miami

Sept. 20: James – Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale

Oct. 5: Yeasayer – Fillmore in Miami Beach

Oct. 6: LCD Soundsystem w/ Sleigh Bells  – Fillmore in Miami Beach

Oct. 13: Vampire Weekend w/ Beach House – Fillmore in Miami Beach

Oct. 15: Built to Spill – Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale

Oct. 16: Flaming Lips Boca Raton’s Sunset Cove Amphitheater (I’ll be missing this show, however—if only they could come the next day, to somewhere in Miami-Dade County, if not Broward….)

Oct. 26: MGMT – Fillmore in Miami Beach

or, also on Oct. 26, you can go to: Massive Attack with the Thievery Corporation at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Oct. 27: Phoenix – Fillmore in Miami Beach

Hopes and dreams:

Though Arcade Fire have a tour set up to happen around this part of the year, they have yet to put Florida on their tour itinerary… in their entire history of existence. But I had feared several of these bands would be passing South Florida by until these very recent dates were announced, so there is reason to hope.

Finally, shout out to Broken Social Scene, too: come to South Florida (they are teasing more dates in the U.S. TBA)!

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    • Indeed. I may just write about it. I think this song you link to is one of the weaker moments from the new album, as it really kicks off with “Introspection” and holds its own from there on out.


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