Jonsi’s new album streaming for free


Official Go cover art.

You can hear Jonsi’s new full-length album Go two weeks ahead of its official release by going to National Public Radio’s music website.

Based on one listen so far, this is– as I predicted in my Dec. 8 entry offering a free download from the up-coming album– a much easier to digest release than the lead singer of Sigor Ros has ever come up with.

It opens with “Go Do,” which starts with a nice surprise: Jonsi’s breathy alto is parsed out to break-beat electro-like affect. It’s complimented by a chirpy flute and the mushy, pounding throb of a drum beat. The song winds up swelling to familiar dreamy Sigur Ros heights. Oh, and he is indeed singing in his faux language of coos and chirps.

It’s fun music for the most part (and lots of it is in English, too), and I’m excited to hear the vinyl version. Jonsi has certainly invested in odd, organic instrumentation that should sound nice on the old hi-fi. I might as well do my pre-order now because this is some of the sweetest music Jonsi has conjured up and very good for short attention spans (it clocks in at only just a few seconds over 40 minutes).

I should also note you can order a digital version of the album and a limited edition on his website.

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