IndieEthos podcast on Jolt, Episode 6 + preview for Episode 7 next week

Photo courtesy Jolt Radio

In exactly a week I return to Jolt Radio with a new episode of The Independent Ethos Radio Hour. We are now being sponsored by The Coral Gables Art Cinema, so I want to personally thank them for their support! Below you will find last month’s episode, which I just now finally uploaded. During the show, I spoke about several art house films that were playing in theaters at the time. All of them are worth looking up now to see if they are streaming somewhere or maybe playing your area. The picture is from the incredible Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Long Day’s Journey Into Night embraces dream logic (and 3D) to tell impressionistic story).

After the movie reviews, came a rather long set of music on vinyl from my private collection, from reissues dating from 1969 (David Bowie) to old ‘80s MTV hits (Robert Plant) to ‘90s college radio favorites (Red House Painters). There was some more contemporary indie rock in the form of Tess Parks and Protomartyr, as well. Listen to the broadcast below. We were having such a good time when went a little longer than usual.

For the next episode, I plan to explore two films that made my top 10 movies of 2019 — so far, including a late addition that makes my earlier post (Best movies of 2019 – first half) already dated. It’s a changing feeling, as always, to list and note your favorites in the middle of the year, but it has become a trend I don’t mind following. My memory sometimes grows faint by the end of the year and my biases can shift to the awards fodder by then, leaving out some of the more precious personal favorites, including oddities like Out of Blue and the still undistributed This is Not Berlin.

Then, since it has been almost two months since my last podcast, I plan to share several favorite new music discoveries. Again, it will run the gamut, from reissues to new releases, and if it pans out the way I’m thinking, it will cross genres, from dance to psych rock to metal to Prince. See you in cyberspace next week! Please enjoy the show above in the meantime.

Hans Morgenstern

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