Top 10 movies of 2018 – Independent Ethos Radio Hour Episode 4

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With my International Cinephile Society ballot still waiting to be filled out, as I look to catch up on a few movies (International Cinephile Society reveals noms for Best of 2018), I could continue to modify my list of best movies of 2018, as I discover movies I missed last year. However, considering I already revealed my top 10 films on Jolt Radio last week, it’s high time I put a bow on 2018.

Below, you will find a link to my podcast on Uploaded for your listening pleasure, a mix of film clips, trailers and unscripted commentary on what were my 10 favorite movies of 2018. Be warned: I’m terrible with recalling names, but I tried my best to speak from the heart of my most beloved movies of last year. If you saw this post, mid-year, the top movie may not surprise you. However, there’s an honorable mention I have not written about that I discuss at the end of the podcast. It’s a movie that underwhelmed my expectations during a first viewing but has grown on me as I have contemplated it over time. And it may surprise you.

Hans Morgenstern

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