Invader to host world premiere of his new doc in Miami


The Paris-based street artist known as Invader will appear in Miami next week for a major event. He will personally host the world premiere his short documentary “Art4Space” at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach and take questions from the audience. It’s a big deal to the art world and beyond. I first noticed who this incognito artist was, as many did: via Banksy’s subversive Oscar®-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Invader is known for taking graffiti art to another level by plastering on buildings mosaic tiles based on 8-bit, pixellated characters of one of the first video arcade games: “Space Invaders.” The work is often illegal hence the alias and his guarded privacy. He has been in Miami putting up these tiles all over and plans to do more.

But this film, “Art4Space,” is all about returning one of the Invader tiles back to space. Last night I rushed out a piece for my on-going Art Basel Miami-related coverage for the “Miami New Times” blog “Cultist.” You can read all about how Invader actually placed one of his appropriately designed tiles into the stratosphere and how he will perform the in-person Q&A by jumping through the “Cultist” logo below:

The Miami International Film Festival and the Jonathan Levine Gallery, who represents Invader in New York City, are sponsoring the night, which is an invitation-only event. I am on the list and plan to review this 45-minute documentary of how Monsieur Invader did this following video and why:

Hans Morgenstern

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