‘Rising Tide’ – Miami Art documentary airing on Public Television tonight

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The 10th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach is only a few days away. I remember when the International art Fair from Basel, Switzerland first debuted here in 2002. The hype was that it would become just as important an art event as its parent fair. The response was remarkable. From day one, local art galleries and satellite fairs suddenly cropped up around it. Having worked at the Miami International Film Festival through its struggles to grow into a global destination festival, under a variety of leadership, I was impressed. Art Basel Miami Beach seemed to accomplish overnight what MIFF has yet to accomplish when it began going through massive growth spurts beginning in the year 2000.

I’ll spare the details and insider perspective, but the fact is, Art Basel Miami Beach matters as one of the biggest cultural global events South Florida currently hosts. Tonight, WLRN TV will present a sprightly and relatively thorough documentary “Rising Ride: A Story of Miami Artists,” which covers the festival’s impact on Miami-based artists. I spent some time talking with the director, Andrew Hevia, and one of the featured artists, Venessa Monokian, about the hour-long documentary. The result is linked below. It’s for— who else?— but the “Miami New Times” art and culture blog, “Cultist.” Jump through the image below to read the interviews and an overview of the documentary. Finally, make sure to either DVR or tune in to WLRN Channel 17 at 8 p.m. tonight if you’re in Miami for this smart, comprehensive documentary. Hevia was particularly proud that I noticed the piece’s well-edited pace, so you know it will not be dull:

Update: The Miami Beach Cinematheque will host a one-time only presentation of “Rising Tide” at their theater, Saturday, Dec. 8 at 5 p.m., appropriately during Art Basel Miami Beach. Jump through to their website for more information.

Update 2: O-Cinema has confirmed via email that it will host a one-time only presentation of “Rising Tide” at their theater on Monday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

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