Sigur Ros tease ‘Inni’ via email, watch full videos here!


Those on the Sigur Ros mailing list got a surprise video clip in their in-boxes yesterday from the preeminent rock band of Iceland. Lead singer/multi-instrumentalist Jón Þór Birgisson, aka Jonsi, had been busy the past couple of years on solo work, while the group he fronts seemed off in hibernation. Well, here they come, again:

Heralded with the four-letter Icelandic word Inni, turns out this indeed brings together the worlds of cinema and music, as this happens to be a teaser trailer for yet another Sigur Ros film. The project will have it’s premiere at Venice Days today, a self-described “autonomous section” of the Venice Film Festival. This new video document of Sigur Ros is directed by Vincent Morisset, who also brewed up the obscure Arcade Fire documentary Miroir Noir (Support the Independent Ethos, purchase on Amazon ).

Guess what? Full live clips have been up on YouTube since March. Looks like it will look gorgeous on the big screen:

Hans Morgenstern

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