African Queen due on DVD finally

OK, so some movie news, too…

Just in time for the beginning of the end of DVD, I received an email from Amazon the other day that noted:

“Also up for pre-order is one of the last great classics never before on DVD: The African Queen.”

I’d call this too little, too late on the part of Paramount, whose DVD titles continue to slip in and out of print with irregularity as of late. This unreleased DVD has topped the wishlists of many classic Hollywood cinema enthusiasts since DVDs became popular 10 years ago. Now, as DVD’s popularity begins to dwindle while Blu-ray and on-line streaming and downloading continues to grows, this dinosaur of a studio decides to put it out on DVD in the U.S. officially. I’m sure tons of the fans of this film have already picked up the Asian bootleg, one of the few DVD bootlegs you could even pick up brand new at FYE.

No specific release date announced yet or cover art featured, either, just preorder.

I’m personally slowing down my DVD buying to await Blu-ray’s conquest of physical media.


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